Installation notes

Full installation: you have to select all disks for downloading, including the vistascan v3.x "drivers" and "option". please select the right scanner model to download.

Minimum installation: that will save your time from downloading. we offer you three disks of older version vistascan v2.43 to download. please follow the instructions as below.

1) please download three disks of vistascan v2.43 & 2.45(disk 1 to 3).

2) please select "manual installation" and then pick the "driver" only during installation. otherwise, there is a message to remind you to download another disk 4 and more.

Option installation notes:

Option denotes that you do not need to download all disks. if you just need the scanner driver. please follow the instructions as below to install:

vs3.5 option:

First unzip these disks to a temporary folder. Open the disk1 and run the program vssetup.exe. Choose custom install and select the scanner driver installation only.

To run a typical installation, including the magicmatch component, you have to either download the single file version, or the additional cms components below:

ms4.3 option : unzip these files to a temporary folder, open the disk1 subdirectory and run the program setup.exe. choose a custom install and select only the magicscan and users guideoptions. to run a typical install, including the magicmatch components, you must either download the single file version, or the additional cms components below:

vmm32 notes :

After complete the vistascan v2.43 & 2.45 installation in Windows 98 ( or win95 osr2). sometimes, you might encounter an error message "vmm32" while restarting pc. We offer a patch "vmm32updater.exe" for downloading. please unzip it to a file " umaxis11.386 ", and copy to the following three folders:

1. c:\windows, 2. c:\vstscan, 3. c:\vstscan\device

Other download web site :

You could also download umax scanner driver from your local service web site:

UMAX American service web site (English) :

UMAX Japan area service web site : (Japanese):

UMAX German area service web site : (Germany)

PC :

Mac :

* UMAX Netherlands area service web site : (English)

* UMAX United Kingdom area service web site :(English)

*UMAX Australia area service web site : (English)